SmartWater® Crime Prevention

Crime Prevention

As trusted advisers to clients' we offer practical and cost-effective solutions based on the proven effectiveness of protection strategies and security products in the market. This includes SmartWater® which has been independently proven as the UK's most powerful crime deterrent and is used and endorsed by police forces across the UK. As SmartWater technology approved partners, we are authorised in the application of the UK’s award winning and most powerful crime deterrent and prevention method.*

Using revolutionary cutting-edge forensic coding technology, the SmartWater strategy utilises a colourless forensic liquid for assigning valuables with unique forensic coding for full traceability, whilst the power of the SmartWater brand offers on-going and robust deterrence against burglary and theft. 

SmartWater can be used either as a forensic property coding system, for marking anything from a wedding ring to a lead roof, or as a forensic spray system used to convict criminals by spraying them with SmartWater solution. This provides irrefutable evidence linking the criminal to the crime.

However it is deployed, SmartWater dramatically reduces your chances of experiencing burglary and is known and feared by criminals.

The SmartWater System - Business and Home Security Protection

SmartWater is available on a subscription basis. This is because by signing up to SmartWater you are not just purchasing a product, you are becoming a member of the SmartWater deterrent network. On your behalf, SmartWater Investigators partner with the police on year-round strategies to influence thieves and handlers of stolen goods. This includes training police, attending police raids, ‘stop and search’ checks for SmartWater marked property, and covert operations against persistent criminals. Only by carrying out this work is it possible to ensure SmartWater remains a potent crime deterrent.

SmartWater Statistics

750,000 homes are already protected by SmartWater, with trials by the Metropolitan Police recording reductions in burglary across entire communities by as much as 85%*.

**74% of burglars will abandon plans to break into a building protected by SmartWater, and SmartWater leads to a 100% conviction rate in the courts when prosecutions are made.

SmartWater protects around 40,000 schools and business locations, and 20,000 churches. Other SmartWater clients include Severn Trent Water, Network Rail, National Grid, and Waitrose.

SmartWater is one of our most successful security products, used and endorsed by police forces across the UK.

To find out how SmartWater can help you or your business, please get in touch.

SmartWater is the Ideal Security Tool for:

  • Home Security and Theft Protection
  • Rural and Agricultural Security
  • Industrial Security
  • Construction Equipment Security
  • Building site Security
  • Church Security
  • Machinery Security
  • School Security
* London Brent Trial 2013
**Proven by Perpetuity Research Ltd: An Evaluation of SmartWater Offenders’ Perspectives (2008)


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Customer Reviews

'Great service and product from Jerry at SW Asset Protection. After a really useful risk assessment, I know that the SmartWater signage is deterring criminals and everything on my farm is protected. I would recommend them to anyone.' David Mills, SASTAK Countryside Network

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'The security I needed was efficiently installed and I'm pleased that the hardware in my office is now protected.' Nigel Lomax, Tax Assist

'SW Asset protection didn't have long to sort things out for us, but I was really impressed with their approach. Vandalism and theft have been ongoing problems on our construction sites and SW Asset Protection provided a professional service and great value for money. These guys are fantastic.' S.J Roberts Construction, Shropshire and Mid Wales

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