Public Sector

Theft, vandalism and asset protection for local authority education, health and leisure services.

Public sector premises such as schools, hospitals, libraries and care homes must accommodate large numbers of visitors yet need to be secure. This presents a unique set of security challenges.

Failure to manage security can result in serious damage. Typical risks range from physical theft and vandalism, threats to frontline staff, and breaches in the storage of confidential information.

We know that public sector organisations are seeking best value, so we tailor our solutions’ to deliver high performance security at competitive rates.

By reviewing current practice and security policies to identify gaps, we will put together an action plan to recommend and implement the most suitable products to protect premises, assets, staff, and visitors from attack.

Solutions by Sector

School Security: PC’s, laptops, personal possessions, audio equipment, musical instruments

Universities:  IT equipment, electronic equipment, laboratory equipment, student valuables

Libraries: IT equipment, books, cash

Care Homes: Personal valuables, IT equipment, medical equipment, pharmaceutical drugs

Local Authority Premises: IT Equipment, confidential data

Hospitals: Medical equipment, personal valuables and cash, pharmaceutical drugs, confidential data and medical information

Museums and Galleries: Paintings, photographs, sculptures, historical artefacts, IT equipment

Churches: Church roofs, metals and valuables, protected with Ecclesiastical Insurance Approved Forensic Marking products


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Customer Reviews

'Great service and product from Jerry at SW Asset Protection. After a really useful risk assessment, I know that the SmartWater signage is deterring criminals and everything on my farm is protected. I would recommend them to anyone.' David Mills, SASTAK Countryside Network

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'The security I needed was efficiently installed and I'm pleased that the hardware in my office is now protected.' Nigel Lomax, Tax Assist

'SW Asset protection didn't have long to sort things out for us, but I was really impressed with their approach. Vandalism and theft have been ongoing problems on our construction sites and SW Asset Protection provided a professional service and great value for money. These guys are fantastic.' S.J Roberts Construction, Shropshire and Mid Wales

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