Security Risk Assessment Surveys, Reports, and Analysis

Complete security analysis for home and business protection

Protecting where you live and work from theft, break-in and vandalism has never been so necessary. The good news is that businesses with even simple security measures in place are five times less likely to be broken into than those without.

The most effective way to combat crime is to prevent it.

We provide critical on-site examinations of properties to ascertain the security status, by identifying deficiencies, determining the protection needed and recommending security options.

We draw on our expertise to assess business’s security and risk vulnerabilities from threats such as theft and intrusion, to offer the most suitable and cost-effective solutions for your particular buildings, assets and situation using police endorsed security and asset marking products.

Our specialist SmartWater approved security consultants offer a combined 40 years of military and security experience to identify weaknesses in your current security or to establish a secure environment in companies where non-exists.

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About Security Risk Assessments

We employ a qualitative approach to risk analysis and asset protection, assessing threats to put in place preventative controls. In other words, preventing crime occurring before it even happens.

The purpose of a professional risk assessment survey is to provide business and home owners with a detailed evaluation of existing security conditions. Recommendations for the short and long term can then be implemented to reduce these risks.

A professional security risk assessment is a thorough examination of the risks and vulnerabilities which can only be carried out with the benefit of expertise, in-depth knowledge and experience.

Why Do I Need a Risk Assessment?

A professional risk assessment will:

  • Protect against theft, fraud, vandalism, burglary, theft of information and industrial espionage
  • Identify suitable access and egress control procedures both internally and externally
  • Physically protect computer hardware, digital and hard copy data
  • Protect against cybercrime
  • Design, review or supply the most suitable anti-intrusion and detection systems.
  • Perimeter protection of a premises
  • Implement and review security personnel manning levels and procedures
  • Establish and review lock and key procedures
  • Ensure UK insurance compliance and potentially reduce premiums.

Once we have completed a security risk assessment survey, we will be able to recommend and implement the most suitable products for you. Our clients are under no obligation to take up our recommendations; our products are cost-effective and powerful, but the choice remains with you.

You’ll benefit from a secure environment, our free follow-up customer care service during the first month, along with annual security reviews. You can also sign up for our free members-only monthly local crime e-newsletter service, and offset your security costs against tax.

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Customer Reviews

'Great service and product from Jerry at SW Asset Protection. After a really useful risk assessment, I know that the SmartWater signage is deterring criminals and everything on my farm is protected. I would recommend them to anyone.' David Mills, SASTAK Countryside Network

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'The security I needed was efficiently installed and I'm pleased that the hardware in my office is now protected.' Nigel Lomax, Tax Assist

'SW Asset protection didn't have long to sort things out for us, but I was really impressed with their approach. Vandalism and theft have been ongoing problems on our construction sites and SW Asset Protection provided a professional service and great value for money. These guys are fantastic.' S.J Roberts Construction, Shropshire and Mid Wales

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